"Ils étaient là", les Canadiens, partie intégrante du Corps Expéditionnaire Britannique. Un certain nombre d'entre eux ont reçu une citation pour la D.S.O. (Distinguished Service Order Medal), parue dans la LONDON GAZETTE #31680 du 9 décembre 1919 :

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    Lt.-Col. Reginald Danbury Davies, D.S.O., 44th Bn., Can. Infy., N. Brunswick R.
     In front of Inchy-en-Artois, 27th September, 1918, for marked gallantry and determination. In command of the battalion, he led a most successful attack against the enemy positions. Again, on 28th September, near Raillencourt notwithstanding most severe casualties, he again led his battalion in the attack and reached his objective, later materially assisting in beating off a strong enemy counter-attack. His reports throughout the operations were most clear and invaluable in determining the situation forward.
(D.S.O. gazetted 17th April, 1917.)
(1st Bar gazetted 2nd December, 1918.)
    Lt.-Col. John Percival MacKenzie, D.S.O., 1st Bde., Can. Engrs.
     During the recent operations he has on several occasions under fire made daylight reconnaissances in order to get the required information for the selection of bridge crossings. During the advance on Cambrai and Douai, September and October, 1918, it was due to his quick grasp of the situation and determined action that the infantry, field and heavy artillery, ambulance and ammunition were able to cross all obstacles with the least possible delay.
(D.S.O. gazetted 1st January, 1917.)
(1st Bar gazetted 26th July, 1917.)





     Lt.-Col. Walter Richard Brown, D.S.O., 26th Bn., Can. Infy., New Brunswick R.
For conspicuous gallantry and resource in operations north of Cambrai during the night 8th/9th October, 1918, when he led his battalion in an attack across the Canal d'Escaut with great skill and devotion in most trying conditions and under heavy artillery fire. His personal courage at the bridges while his men were crossing, and the manner in which he afterwards reorganised the battalion in the dark and led them to the capture of a village, displayed fine qualities of leadership and determination.
(D.S.O. gazetted 18th October, 1917.)
     Brig.-Gen. William Antrobus Griesbach, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Alberta R, (G.O.C., 1st Can. Infy. Bde.).
    For brilliant leadership and great gallantry in the operations of 8th August, 1918, south-east of Amiens; 2nd and 3rd September, 1918, east of Arras; and 27th/28th September, 1918, west and north-west of Cambrai in the crossing of the Canal du Nord and attack on Bourlon Wood; and during operations 17th/21st October, He made several personal reconnaissances, and his presence amongst the attacking troops and his coolness under critical conditions were largely responsible for the success that attended the ope- rations.
(D.S.O. gazetted 24th June, 1916.)
     Maj. Terence Percival Jones, D.S.O.,. 4th Bn., Can. Infy., 1st Cent. Ont. R. (Brig-Maj., 12th Can. Infy. Bde,.).
     For conspicuous gallantry and devotion in the operations near Valenciennes from the 1st to 6th November, 1918. His work as brigade major was of the highest order, and largely contributed to the success of the brigade in the capture of Valenciennes and towns further east. He also made several daring personal reconnaissances under severe fire, and secured exact information which enabled the enemy's disposition to be effectively dealt with and the advance to continue.
(D.S.O. gazetted 1st January, 1917.)
    Maj.-Gen. Frederick Oscar Warren Loomis, C.B., C.M.G., D.S.O., Quebec R. (G.O.C., 2nd Can. Infy. Bde.).
     For great gallantry and brilliant leadership during the operations south-east of Amiens, 8th/9th August, 1918, and east of Arras, 2nd September, 1918. He made recon- naissances under heavy fire, personally superintending the disposition of troops and encouraging all by his coolness and ability. The results achieved by the brigade were of an outstanding nature.
(D.S.O. gazetted 23rd June, 1915.)





     Maj. John Freeman Blair, Can. Army Dental Corps, attd. 4th Fd. Amb. Can. A.M.C.
     For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty from 5th to 11th November, 1918, in the Valenciennes-Mons area, as liaison officer between R.A.P.'s and forward collecting posts. Keeping in close touch with the rapidly advancing infantry, he was continuously under fire, but ensured the rapid evacuation of the wounded. On several occasions he dressed the wounded in the open under fire, remaining to superintend their removal on the arrival of the stretcher-bearers.
     Capt. Richard Walter Gyles, M.C., 46th Bn., Can. Infy., Saskatchewan R.
     For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty in the attack on Mount Houy, on 1st November, 1918, when he successfully led his company, with magnificent courage and determination, against points of resistance held by the enemy in great strength. On reaching an objective, the company was reduced to 15 men, but meeting a party of 50 of the enemy, he at once attacked, killing many and taking the survivors prisoners. In the advance his company captured three field guns, many machine guns, and a trench mortar, besides about 300 prisoners.
     Maj. Burnet Elmer Kelly, 9th Fd. Amb., Can. A.M.C.
     For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty from 22nd to 30th October, 1918, between Raismes and Bruay. In charge of the evacuation of wounded of the 9th. Canadian Infantry Brigade, he personally went over the field, night and day, with his stretcher-bearers, collecting wounded, most of the time under machine-gun and shell fire. His energy was an outstanding example to all ranks.
     Lt. .(A./Capt.) Frederick Garfield Kemp, 4th Bn., Can. Infy., 1st C. Ont. R.
      For conspicuous gallantry and presence of mind at critical times. During the assault on the Canal du Nord, on 27th September, 1918, he did excellent work. Upon reaching the Canal du Nord line his men came under heavy machine-gun fire from the left. He rushed enemy posts in the trench with two men, killing and wounding three or four himself, and scattering the others with a bomb. In the advance he, by fearless leadership, captured two field guns and killed all of the enemy machine-gunners holding the empla-cements. Throughout these operations he did excellently.
     Lt. John Phee Gordon MacLeod, 46th Bn.
Can. Infy., Saskatchewan R.

     For conspicuous gallantry and devotion in the attack before Valenciennes on 1st November, 1918. He led his platoon forward in face of heavy opposition, and, reaching his objective, he established an advanced post of eight men, taking four more forward. He encountered a large enemy party, and, attacking at once, forced them to surrender. But before they could be disarmed the Bosche officer, realising the weakness of his opponents, shot the N.C.O., and opened fire. With utter disregard of danger, and in face of enormous odds, Lieut. MacLeod and one man gallantly stood their ground, covering the withdrawal. Later, in face of direct, machine-gun fire, he made his way out, and succeeded in carrying the wounded N.C.O. to safety.
     Maj. Charles Henry McLean, 4th Can. Mtd. Rif. Bn., 1st. Ontario R.
    For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty near Valenciennes on 1st November, 1918. With a view to locating points for bridging the Escaut Canal, he and one man crossed it on an improvised bridge of a plank, raft and boat. Here he was immediately engaged by a machine gun, which he at once attacked, killing one man, and holding the remainder at bay until assistance arrived, when he captured the machine gun and ten men. A post was thus established, which enabled a crossing to be effected on the entire battalion frontage without a casualty.
     Maj. John Macintosh Millar, M.C., 85th Bn. Can. Infy., Nova Scotia R.
     For conspicuous gallantry and fine leadership in command of his battalion in the operations near Valenciennes from 24th October to 6th November, 1918. In the attempts to cross the Canal de L'Escaut on the 25th and 26th October, he displayed the greatest courage and perseverance under intense machine-gun fire, in securing information, which ultimately proved of the utmost value in the final crossing on 1st November. His work throughout that period was of the highest order, and his pluck and endurance were an inspiration to all ranks.
     Maj. Maurice Vernon Plummer, 51st (How.) By., 13th Bde., Can. Fid. Arty.
     For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty at Valenciennes on 2nd November, 1918, and preceding days, while acting in command of an artillery brigade in support of infantry, when his courage and untiring efforts materially assisted in the capture of the city. By a daring reconnaissance on 1st November he so placed his forward batteries that they were able to engage hostile machine guns so effectually as to enable the infantry to cross the canal with slight casualties.
     Maj. Edson Russell Purvis, 47th Bn. Can. Infy., W. Ont. R.
     For conspicuous gallantry and fine leadership during operations near Valenciennes from the 17th to 21st October, 1918, when acting as second in command and in charge of the advanced headquarters of the battalion.
Throughout that period he made several daring reconnaissances, and carried out most valuable liaison work, during much of which he was obliged to cross open ground swept by machine-gun fire and rifle fire from snipers. Later he assumed command of the battalion, and handled the attack with the greatest courage and ability.
     Maj. George Willard Treleaven, M.C., 4th Fd. Amb., Can. A.M.C.
     For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty from 5th to 10th November, 1918, in the Valenciennes-Monsana, in charge of the evacuation of casualties from the forward area of the division. For five days he was continuously under fire in the open, selecting aid posts, and superintending the evacuation of the wounded. He frequently led stretcher parties forward across open ground fully exposed to enemy fire, and his disregard of danger was a splendid example to all ranks.